Class Descriptions


Art (All Ages)   Budding artists will explore hands on art history works along with composers of the period, while creating their own masterpieces in the style of master artists. We are so happy to be sharing the love of art with all of you again this year. We have 4 projects that will be very exciting.  Students will use splatter painting techniques on canvas like Jackson Pollock, use pastel paints like Claude Monet, recreate the "drooping clock" with clay like Salvador Dali and paint on canvas like Edvard Munch.  Please dress for the mess, as some of the materials may stain clothing, so be sure to bring an old art shirt. I hope all of you will join us for the fun.  A $20 materials fee will be collected at registration. Checks should be payable to Jennifer Stevens.

Chamber Ensemble  (Ages 11 and up)  Piano and string students prepare and practice chamber music for performance at the end of the week..

Composition Workshop  (Ages 11 and up) This class is offered for those who have an interest in writing music. Students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one on his/her composition. Bring a hard copy, handwritten or printed compositional ideas to the class. Students will be able to utilize the computer lab with notation software to notate their compositions.

Drumming  (Ages 4 to 10) In this class, students will learn basic hand drumming techniques used in African, Latin and Brazilian percussion pieces. The emphasis will be to learn how to maintain complimentary rhythms in group arrangements that draw from rich percussive musical traditions around the world. Students will continue to develop these pieces throughout the entire week

Hand Bells (Ages 11 and up) Students will learn various ringing techniques by participating in this fun ensemble. The students will learn pieces to be performed in a final concert.

Keyboard Skills (Ages 11 and up) This class features hands-on keyboard musicianship in the state-of-the-art lab. Students will learn valuable skills in reading and harmonization, ensemble and improvisation.

Modern Band Ensemble (Ages 11 and up)  The class is for students who are interested in playing and/or singing in a contemporary rock band.  It is open to people who already play piano, acoustic or electric guitar, electric bass, or drum set, as well as to vocalists.  Students will provide their own instruments with the exception of drum set.  The class will focus on components and techniques for reading a lead sheet or chord chart, improvisation, and ensemble.  Class size is limited.  If you rank this as one of your preferred electives, be sure to include what instrument(s) or vocal part(s) apply..

Musical Theater Workshop (Ages 11 and up)  Students will learn and apply concepts of singing and staging, using music from Broadway shows. Solos and/or scenes may be selected for performance. Space is limited, and a video audition is required. The video audition should include: 16 bars from a music theatre song; and a 15 second monologue

Music Appreciation/History (Ages 11 and up)  All students will learn more about different musical styles, composers and musical periods of music.  Those in the musical theater track wiill focus on the history and different styles of musical theater..

Musicianship (Ages 4 to 10) Students will participate in activities that utilize rhythm and movement, ear training, Orff instuments, notation, and music concepts. This class will integrate elements of Dalcroze and Orff approaches.

Music Theory (Ages 11 and up)   Students in the musical theater track will further develop their vocal and musicianship skills as they learn more about vocal wellness, sight-singing and music theory..

Performance Class (Ages 11 and up)  Piano students will learn tips and tricks for making practicing and performing fun and easy.  Topics will include practice strategies and motivational ideas, how to deal with performance anxiety, memory, and time management.  Students are encouraged to bring a piece they are working on..  

Piano Ensemble (Ages 11 and up) Students will work with peers on various keyboard ensemble pieces in various grouping from duets to full ensembles on keyboards or acoustic pianos. Students will be asked to prepare music in advance and will be notified as to what music needs to be purchased.

Piano for Beginners (Ages 11 and up)  This class is for students who have no prior keyboard skills. Students will learn basic piano skills, which are invaluable to any musician.

Piano Movement Games (Ages 4 to 10) Students will enjoy learning words and movements to match the piano repertoire that they are playing. Games will explore musical concepts including legato and staccato, forte and piano, melody and accompaniment and musical form. The children will be up and moving, exploring their pieces in a fun way. Percussion instruments and other props will enhance the activities.

Piano Semi-Private Lessons (All Ages)  Students should thoroughly prepare at least two pieces for study with a master teacher.  Students will be coached on a variety of practice techniques and will have the opportunity to utilize individual practice rooms to develop their skills.

Steel Drum Band (Ages 11 and up)  Students will learn basic drumming techniques and how to maintain complimentary rhythms in groups arrangements that draw from rich percussive musical traditions around the world.   African, Latin and Brazilian percussion pieces will be used for this ensemble class.

Voice Semi-Private Lessons (Ages 11 and up) This course give students one-on-one access to a vocal teacher to work on technique, interpretation and performance of vocal literature. Students are encouraged to bring their own music to lessons. If they don't have music, the instructor will provide music for the duration of the camp. Students who take lessons are encouraged to perform in either the student recitals or the fun night at the discretion of the vocal instructor.

Vocal Techniques (Ages 11 and up)   Learn how to be a more confident performer in this class.  By using proper singing and breathing techniques, students will expand their range and expression and develop a more powerful voice.