Class Descriptions

African Drumming (Ages 4 to 11)
In this introductory class, we will learn basic hand drumming techniques used in African, Latin and Brazilian percussion pieces. Our emphasis will be to learn how to maintan complimentary rhythms in group arrangements that draw from rich percussive musical traditions around the world. We will continue to develop these pieces throughout the entire week.

Art (Ages 4 to 11) Young artists will explore hands on art history works along with composers of the period, while creating their own masterpieces in the style of master artists. Day 1 - Georgia O’Keefe is an American painter, although she was influenced by other artists from other countries. She found inspiration for her art in nature – From flowers, drift wood, and even animal skulls in the desert. We explore painting a close-up of a flower like Georgia O’Keefe. We think you will “OOH and AHH” over our results in acrylic on canvas paintings fill the canvas with one or two flowers!. Day 2 - Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings showed movement and motion by the swirling lines of color that spread out in the backgrounds. Our students will study the master artist’s painting of “Starry Night” and try to recreate our own version of this beautiful work of art using oil pastels. Day 3 - American Painter, Winslow Homer, lived by the sea, many of his paintings are pictures of “seascapes” – pictures of boats, ocean waves and sandy beaches. We create the magic of “Homer’s seascapes” using watercolors and gouache. Day 4 - Native American Storytellers - Pottery and clay have been a part of the Southwestern Native American Indian culture for hundreds of years.. Helen Cordero, born in 1915 to the Cochiti pueblo, was no stranger to this art form. In the 1950’s she started creating the female clay figures holding their children. She originally called them “Singing Mothers”, while creating a male figure like her grandfather to be the first storyteller. As time went on these figures were adapted to many other peoples and tribes’ beliefs and ideas. Our Art Start students create our own version of storytellers in honor of this Native American Indian form of art using air hardening clay. All artwork will be sent home with each class after the last class. Please dress for the mess, as some of the materials will stain clothing. A $20 dollar materials fee will be collected at registration. Checks should be payable to Art Start Studio.

Comedy Improv (Ages 8 and Up) In this 3-part class, we will explore the art of improvisational theater and improv comedy through a variety of fun games and exercises that everyone will enjoy. The students will learn to think creatively, collaborate with others, and be confident in the moment—all skills that help musicians and actors alike. The course will be taught by an actor from The pH Comedy Theater in Chicago who will take you through a hilarious journey through improv. The class will meet Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Students may work on skits for Fun Night.

Composition (Ages 12 and up)
Composition lessons are offered for those who have an interest in writing music. Lessons will be conducted in a master class setting of three students per session. Students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one on his/her composition. Students should bring a hard copy, handwritten or printed from notation software, of their composition with them to lesson. Corrections can be worked out on staff paper or students are welcome to bring a laptop with notation software. Due to a very limited class size, there is a $50 extra fee.

Handbells (Ages 12 to 15) Students will learn various ringing techniques by participating in this fun ensemble. Students will learn pieces to perform in a final concert.

Instrumental Ensemble (Ages 12 and up)
In this ensemble class, selection will be assigned according to what instruments students are able to play. Please indicate all instruments you can play in this class. Music will be assign in advance so early registration is encouraged.

Keyboard Musicianship (Ages 9 and up)
This class features hands-on keyboard musicianship in the state-of-the-art lab. Students will learn valuable skills in reading and harmonization, ensemble and improvisation.

Musicianship (Ages 4 to 9)
In this active class, students will participate in activities that utilize rhythm and movement, ear training, Orff instuments, notation, and music history. This class will integrate elements of Dalcroze and Orff approaches.

Orff We Go! (Ages 16 and up) Let's have some fun with jazz, pop, and modal music! Discover the sounds of mallet instruments and un-pitched percussion as you layer together rhythmic and melodic ostinatos with fun melodies in three different styles!

Organ Lessons (Ages 12 and up) Pianists are frequently asked to play the organ, but often struggle making the transition. Students will learn the basics of hymn playing on the organ, as well as how to translate piano music they already know onto the organ. They will also learn about different types of organs and stops, as well as various organ terms, such as ‘great,’ ‘swell,’ and ‘rank.’ Students will be asked to prepare specific hymns on the piano before camp to help facilitate the transition to organ during camp.

Piano Ensemble (Ages 12 and up) Students will work together on various keyboard ensemble pieces in various grouping from duets to full ensembles on keyboards or acoustic pianos. Students may be asked to prepared music in advance and will be notified as to what music needs to be purchased.

Piano Lessons (All Ages)
Students should have two pieces thoroughly prepared for study at lesson.

Piano Movement Games (Ages 4 to 8) Children will enjoy learning words and movements to match the piano repertoire that they are playing. Games will explore musical concepts including legato and staccato, forte and piano, melody and accompaniment and musical form. The children will be up and moving, exploring their pieces in a fun way. Percussion instruments and other props will enhance the activities.

Piano Repertoire (Ages 12 and up) This interactive performing class will examine piano music of great composers from across history. By immersing the students into the life and times of various composers, students will be equipped to better understand how to perform and listen to piano pieces. The pieces and composers studied will directly reflect the pieces the students bring prepared to class, and each student will have the opportunity to perform in class. Students are encouraged to prepare a piece and to inform us of the specific piece before camp.

Voice Lessons (Ages 10 and up) This course give students one-on-one access to a vocal teacher to work on technique, interpretation and performance of vocal literature. Students are encouraged to bring their own music to lessons. If they don't have music, the instructor will provide music for the duration of the camp. Students who take lessons are encouraged to perform in either the student recitals or the fun night at the discretion of the vocal instructor. Literature may range from classical to broadway/pop.

World Music (Ages 10 and 11)
Come learn songs, singing games, drumming pieces and folk dances from around the world! Take a musical trip and enjoy the sounds and moves from the many different cultures we celebrate!